Which L. Priori Jewelry Ring is for you? | Philadelphia Jeweler Has Rings For Sale in Studio and Online

Which L. Priori Jewelry Ring is for you? | Philadelphia Jeweler Has Rings For Sale in Studio and Online

We know how hard it is to make decisions, especially when it comes to picking out jewelry.

How will the ring fit on my finger? Will it be comfortable? Is it the right size? Which style do I like better? These are probably all questions you are asking yourself right now. Well, we’re here to help! Take this personality test we’ve made just for you to see which L. Priori ring you need to add to your collection this season.

1. Your perfect day consists of:

A. Working on expanding your business

B. Hiking

C. Listening to old, classic records

D. Catching up on your favorite novel

E. Painting

F. Spending the day with family/friends

2. You feel happiest when:

A. You’re making strides towards reaching your goals

B. You get an adrenaline rush

C. You get to relax and spend the night at home

D. Your hard work pays off

E. You get to free your creative thoughts

F. You get to be independent

3.  In one word, people would describe you as:

A. Determined

B. Daring

C. Wise

D. Knowledgeable

E. Vibrant

F. Individualist

4. Your favorite gem is: 

A. Diamond

B. Jade

C. Emerald

D. Pearl

E. Opal

F. Quartz

5. Your biggest goal in life is:

A. To inspire others

B. To cross off everything on your bucket list

C. To share your wisdom

D. To be successful

E. To share your passions

F. To find happiness


If you got mostly A’s: Girl Boss- The Holly Ring

Who doesn’t love a confident girl boss? You are taking charge of your life, and are super ambitious. You are an inspiration to everyone around you, and your determination to succeed is contagious. The Holly ring is your perfect jewelry match, which is why you totally need to add this beautiful, dreamy piece to your collection.  

This gorgeous ring has a 5.82 carat pear shaped morganite center stone. From the diamond halo to the intricate filigree basket under the stone this ring is just dreamy! This will make a perfect engagement ring or even treat yourself piece to glam up your everyday look. 

If you got mostly B’s: The Adventure Seeker- The Adeline Ring

agate slice ring in 14k white gold prong set with a white diamond halo

We love your willingness to take risks in life. Adventure is out there, and you are the one to chase after it. From exploring new areas to trying new foods, there is nothing you won’t go after. You remind us a lot of the Adeline ring. We love how this piece embodies nature, and we are sure that you will love it too. 

This slice ring has a gorgeous 7.60ct agate center stone. The agate is prong set and has a ~0.245tcw white diamond halo. The setting and band are 14k white gold. The under gallery of the ring also has pretty criss cross details.

If you got mostly C’s: The Old Soul- The Cleo Ring

repurposed estate pendant pear shaped oval estate ring with a matching white diamond halo and split shank yellow gold band

We bet you have wisdom beyond your years, and we are here for it! You always see the bigger picture, you’re spiritually inclined. Your love of knowledge is evident to all of those around you, and you probably love everything about the past. You have a lot in common with the Cleo Ring, which was once an estate pendant.

This stunning 14x8mm pear shaped opal was once a pendant that has been turned into this gorgeous ring. The halo is made up of single cut white diamonds totaling 0.40ct. The band is split shank and a mix of 14k yellow and white gold.

If you got mostly D’s: The Studious One- The Emma Ring

round prong set and bezel set diamond wedding band available in 14k yellow, white or rose gold

You are attentive, diligent, and deliberate with everything you do. You take your studies seriously, and you are always willing to take the time you need to learn a new skill. Simplicity is key, which is why the Emma Ring is perfect for you. This dainty diamond band is a must have piece. It is bold enough to be worn on its own, but also looks beautiful when it is stacked with your other favorite L. Priori Jewelry rings.

A dainty diamond wedding band If you love our Jessica band but want something with bigger diamonds, the Emma band is for you. The Emma band is available in rose, yellow and white gold and has ~0.16tcw of white diamonds. The diamonds alternate between bezel set and prong set which gives the ring a unique look.

If you got mostly E’s: The Creative Mind- The Eve Ring

oregon sunstone and pink tourmaline cluster gemstone ring 14k rose gold

We love the color that fills your imagination. You are always thinking outside of the box, and you are not afraid to stand out from the crowd. Your personality is just as colorful as your mind which makes the Eve ring your perfect match. This adorable cluster ring is a bold and bright way to spice up your collection. We are obsessed with the combination of the Oregon sunstone that is accompanied by pink and blue tourmaline gemstones.

This fun  cluster ring has an Oregon sunstone accompanied by pink and blue tourmaline stones. This pretty combo makes for an amazing ring with a 14k rose gold band.

If you got mostly F’s: The Free Spirit- The Ashlyn Ring

14k yellow, white or rose gold leaf stackable wedding band

We admire your independence, and your love of life. You are not afraid to stand on your own and follow what your heart desires. You are always on the move, and you don’t stand for anyone or anything that is blocking your path. You have a deep appreciation for the important things in your life. You are like the Ashlyn Ring. This simple and clean leaf band is perfect for your easy going lifestyle. This trendy piece is beautiful on its own, and is available in yellow, white, or rose gold.

This leaf band would be a great addition to your wedding band or everyday stack. Available in rose, white or yellow gold this band is simple but trendy. 


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L. Priori Jewelry is a private jeweler in Philadelphia specializing in custom engagement rings, antique and eco-friendly engagement rings, and fine heirloom quality jewelry.  Lauren Priori is a GIA certified Graduate Gemologist.  To visit our showroom, please email hello@lpriorijewelry.com.