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When looking for an engagement ring, most people immediately think diamond. But diamonds aren’t the right choice for everyone. 

colored gemstone custom engagement ring in rose gold with diamonds on the band


There are a variety of reasons to choose a colored gemstone for an engagement ring - in fact, diamonds weren’t even the standard for engagement rings until the early 1900s.

Many people want a colored stone simply for its color, others want to use a stone that has specific meaning to them. For my clients who want something unique I always suggest a colored stone!

colored gemstone engagement rings for sale in philadelphia and online

Whatever the reason for choosing a colored gem, it is important to consider its durability. Some stones, like opal and pearl, are very soft and susceptible to wear. This doesn’t mean you can’t have a ring with these stones, it just means you need to take special care with them! 

You also want to make sure to find out if the stone you are buying has been treated so you know how to care for it properly.

One of the best colored gemstones to use in an everyday ring is sapphire. Sapphires are very hard stones that can stand up to daily wear and tear and it comes in a variety of colors! You can find sapphires in greens, pinks, oranges, yellows, whites, and, of course, blue.

sapphire engagement ring with diamond halo ready to ship

At L. Priori Jewelry we are excited to help you find the right stone for your dream ring! If you're ready to get started on your custom engagement ring click here. If you want to learn more about the process check out the engagement ring pageon our website! Or to shop ready to ship gemstone engagement rings click here. Happy Shopping!

L. Priori Jewelry is a private jeweler in Philadelphia specializing in custom engagement rings, antique and eco-friendly engagement rings, and fine heirloom quality jewelry.  Lauren Priori is a GIA certified Graduate Gemologist.  To visit our showroom, please email

Lauren Priori
Lauren Priori

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