Should your wedding bands match? | Philadelphia jeweler breaks down choosing the right wedding band for you

Should your wedding bands match? | Philadelphia jeweler breaks down choosing the right wedding band for you

Much like your engagement ring, your wedding bands will stick with you for life. You want to make sure that you love the band you choose, because you're going to be looking at it for the rest of your life. When choosing wedding bands, both spouses should choose a style that they personally love, your wedding bands do not have to exactly match!

yellow gold chunky men's wedding band with a textured finish and a white gold women's diamond eternity band

Many couples I work with think that they're wedding bands have to perfectly match. My rule of thumb is to choose a style that fits each individual best. If they happen to match, great. But if they don't there is no set in stone rule that says you have to have matching bands. The two bands in the photo above don't necessarily "match" but they still look gorgeous together! The mens band is a thick yellow gold and the women's band is a white gold diamond eternity band. Both are beautiful but completely different. Two-toned metals are a huge trend these days, so this pair of bands fits right in.

yellow gold and diamond stackable women's wedding bands and a simple yellow gold men's wedding band

On the other hand, sometimes it works out that both spouses like the same metal  so the bands match. The set pictured above matches really well. The mens band is a thinner and plain yellow gold, and the women's bands are both yellow gold with diamonds. My client wanted to start building a wedding band stack, so she chose these two beauts to start!

gray diamond engagement ring with white gold diamonds and a yellow gold band paired with two white diamond eternity wedding bands

Stacking wedding bands with your engagement ring has become a huge trend, and one that I personally love. In this case if you want to match your spouse, choose all of the same metals but different styles. Or mix your metals, and have one of your bands match his metals so that when next to each other the bands still look aesthetically pleasing. The stack in the photo above is our Lilly gray diamond ring with a yellow gold band, mixed with two white gold wedding bands. The two-toned metals work really well here!

So to sum it all up, whether you want your wedding band to match with your spouses band is a complete personal preference. There is no right or wrong answer, your main concern should be whether or not you will love the band forever because it will be on your finger for years to come!

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