How to Create a Custom Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Jeweler Breaks Down Simple Custom Engagement Ring Process

How to Create a Custom Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Jeweler Breaks Down Simple Custom Engagement Ring Process

Often times people think that the custom engagement ring process is complicated and time consuming. Finding the engagement ring of your dreams should be an exciting and fun experience. Here at L. Priori Jewelry, we make the process pleasant and simple! Here's how it works:

white gold and diamond custom engagement ring with a hidden sapphire eon the side of the ring

The first step is to make an appointment and come in for your initial consultation. This first appointment is different depending on the person. If you know what you want and you're ready to commit, the the first appointment will be creating your design. We use CAD a jewelry design software to design the ring right before your eyes! So if you know what you want, I will create the design while you are sitting in my office. I will show you the rendering, and you will either tell me it's good to go, or tell me what adjustments to make. Some clients walk out the door after their first appointment with they're design set in stone. 

Other people use the first appointment to get a more clear idea of what they may want, I will help you along the way and give you options if you are unclear, that's what I'm here for! We may go through a few designs until you're happy and ready to give the green light for production.

yellow gold and diamond solitaire custom engagement ring

Once you decide on a design the second step is production. I will give you the option to have a wax made of your ring, that we can mail to your house. The wax review is a mold of what your ring will look like! So you will be able to get a better idea of what the finished product will look like!

If you don't think a wax review is necessary for you, we can skip that step and send the ring into production where it will be cast, set, polished and made perfect for you!

thin yellow gold band with a solitaire round diamond custom engagement ring

It typically takes about six weeks to finish a custom engagement ring. Once your ring is complete, we will notify you and you can come pick it up from our show room. After you pick up your ring, the last step is to propose!

If you're ready to create a custom engagement ring you can make an appointment here: If you're not in the area, don't worry! We love our out of state clients, and we can go through this entire process over the phone. Let's create your dream ring!

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