Here are the top engagement ring styles of 2020! | Philadelphia Custom Engagement Ring Designer Breaks Down Engagement Ring Trends

Here are the top engagement ring styles of 2020! | Philadelphia Custom Engagement Ring Designer Breaks Down Engagement Ring Trends

If you're planning on getting engaged this year and have no idea where to begin, or just need some extra inspo we are here to help! We are rounding up some of the top engagement ring styles of 2020.

Hidden Halos

Hidden halos have been on the rise, and we only see this style becoming more popular. A hidden halo is much like a regular halo, but it doesn’t go around the center stone. Most of the time the hidden halo is underneath the stone in the basket section of the ring. A hidden halo is such a delicate, beautiful touch to include in your engagement ring! While they’re on the rise now, this style is timeless.

custom oval diamond engagement ring with pave and a hidden diamond halo 14k rose gold

Three Stone Rings

We have been making three stone rings like crazy! If you love a glam ring, a three stone style might be for you. There are so many different things you could do with a three stone! Think updated, modern and chic. Whether you bezel set your three stones, or pair two pear shaped side stones with a solitaire center stone you can’t go wrong with a three stone engagement ring. Check out our Noel Ring, from our semi-custom line.

white gold solitaire three stone diamond custom engagement ring

noel three stone diamond engagement ring solitaire center stone with pear shaped side stones from our semi custom line

Old European Cut Diamond three stone custom engagement ring


The best part about the popularity of ovals is although they have gained popularity in recent years, if you go with an oval it will always be in style. Oval stones are elongated and take up a lot of finger space, so if you’re looking for a larger stone but don’t have the largest budget definitely consider an oval. Whether you stick to a thin band and let the center stone shine, or add pave on the band oval diamonds are a gorgeous center stone option.

oval custom diamond engagement ring with pave on the band in 14k white gold

14k yellow gold custom oval 2.0ct diamond engagement ring with claw prongs

14k white gold oval diamond engagment ring with double claw prongs

Gemstone Engagement Rings

If you want something non-traditional and super unique consider designing a gemstone engagement ring. With gemstone engagement rings your options are endless. Think sapphires, morganites, and emeralds to name a few. Often times gemstone engagement rings are a more budget friendly option which is always a plus. Design a custom gemstone engagement ring with us or click here shop one of our ready to go gemstone engagement rings!

this stunning custom engagement ring has a morganite center stone and old european cut diamond halo

oval sapphire three stone gemstone engagement ring

custom oval light blue sapphire diamond engagement ring with a diamond halo

Intricate Halos

Intricate halos can really be anything you imagine! We specialize in custom and are here to make your ideas come to life. We have made many rings with custom halos and each one has been unique and beautiful. Intricate halos will compliment your diamond center stone or gemstone center stone really well. See below for some inspo!

sapphire engagement ring with intricate diamond halo

gemstone custom engagement ring with intricate diamond halo

oval diamond engagement ring with intricate diamond halo

No matter which style you like, or even if you want to combine some of these ideas we are ready to help you design the engagement ring of your dreams! From our fully custom option, to our semi-custom line to our ready to go rings we are here to help. Click here, Email to get started on your ring!

We are here for any of your custom engagement ring and diamond questions! Our goal is to design your dream ring. You can email with any qurestions about the process.