Custom Platinum and Yellow Gold Oval Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Jewelry Designer

Custom Platinum and Yellow Gold Oval Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Jewelry Designer

When this client came to me to design his girlfriend's engagement ring, I was over the moon excited.  The lucky lady is the daughter of my dad's dear friend, so I was thrilled to hear about her love story!

oval yellow gold platinum two tone custom braided band engagement ring

My client's girlfriend loved some of the textured and braided bands on my instagram.  She wanted an oval diamond and a delicate band.  He knew that she wanted a yellow gold band, but wasn't sure if the whole ring should be yellow gold.  After some discussion, we settled on a platinum head.  Platinum is a little sturdier than gold because it is a much denser metal.  White metal prongs also tend to be a bit less visible against a white stone than yellow gold prongs.

Because the couple lives in Tennessee, diamond selection was done via phone and email.  I love working with long distance couples - so many diamonds can now be viewed via 3D video and even an interactive loupe!  

When selecting an oval diamond, keep in mind the proportions of the stone.  Preferences vary from person to person - you may prefer a shorter oval, or you may love a very long stone.  Most clients prefer a 1:1.30-1:1.50 width:length ratio but don't get too caught up in the numbers!  You'll know a beautiful stone when you see one.  In this case, the client chose a classically proportioned, filled-out stone.

oval diamond loose

Once we settled on a diamond, we discussed the specifics of the band.  How wide should the band be?  Would we go with a cathedral or no cathedral?  I rendered the final version of the ring, below, and set the work into motion after the client's approval.

oval yellow gold platinum 3D CAD rendering engagement ring


A few weeks later, the ring was complete.  I'm so in love with the delicate band and how it makes the center stone really pop.  I'm excited for these two lovebirds to continue their love story and built their life together.

yellow gold platinum oval engagement ring thin band philadelphia


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