Ethical Engagement Rings | Antique and Estate jewelry Philadelphia | Recycled Gold Engagement Rings

Ethical Engagement Rings | Antique and Estate jewelry Philadelphia | Recycled Gold Engagement Rings

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, buy with your conscience.  This is one of the biggest purchases you'll make, and it only makes sense to purchase an ethically sourced and created engagement ring.

For the socially conscious bride-to-be an ethically sourced engagement ring is a must and thankfully there is a range of stunning and affordable options.

At our Philadelphia jewelry showroom, L. Priori Jewelry uses only recycled gold and platinum in our custom rings.  We also source an ever-changing lineup of antique and estate engagement rings that have been restored to perfection.

Ethically Sourced Antique Engagement Rings

Why We Use Recycled Gold and Platinum

Using recycled precious metals is a meaningful part of our jewelry-making process at L. Priori Jewelry. In the past, unethical gold mining has initiated civil conflict and is considered one of the most detrimental forms of mining, typically causing deforestation and pollution. Reclaiming metal is an eco-friendly way to create a piece that is the same high quality of newly mined metals. 

What are Non-Conflict Diamonds?

For a diamond to be ethically sourced, at the very least, it should not have financed a civil war. But diamond-fueled violence often happens in countries that are not officially at war. An ethically-sourced diamond should be mined in conditions wholly free from bloodshed, regardless of the cause. To be ethically sourced, a diamond must be mined in keeping with strict labor and environmental standards. Child labor should not be used. Workers should earn fair wages and enjoy safe, decent working conditions. Miners or mining companies must take care to avoid serious environmental harm and treat local ecosystems with respect.

Ethically Sourced Diamonds Philadelphia

Something Old, Something Ethical

Another way to insure that you aren’t aiding in diamond and metal conflicts is to look for pieces that are recycled. Look for vintage or antique engagement rings that haven't increased global demand for mining and manufacturing.  The resources - like water and electricity - required to make an old piece new are much less than the resources required to create a new piece.

L. Priori Jewelry is a private jeweler in Philadelphia specializing in custom engagement rings, antique jewelry, and everyday luxe fine jewels.  Located in the heart of Rittenhouse Square, Lauren Priori has built her brand on timeless classics updated for the modern woman.  To schedule an appointment or discuss your custom or antique engagement ring, email