yellow gold cushion bezel ring round diamond

Custom Yellow Gold Engagement Ring Redesign | Philadelphia Jewelry Designer

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A beautiful diamond is a terrible thing to waste!  That why I love redesigning old jewelry so much - we get to take precious materials in not-so-pretty packages and make them into something fresh and loved.

My client hadn’t worn her engagement ring in over 20 years.  Originally set in a beautiful but classic mounting, she had never felt like it was quite her style.  She had reset the center stone and two baguette diamonds on a wide yellow gold band, but even that didn’t feel 100% right.  She came to me to redesign her engagement ring to better suit her style.  The good news is that we were starting with a beyond gorgeous center stone!  The photo below shows what we were working with.

yellow gold three stone engagement ring flush set

When I meet with a redesign client, I always try to get a feel for their personal style.  This client is effortlessly and confidently chic, wearing interesting shapes and oversized resin rings with stacks of rich 18k gold.  Her custom yellow gold engagement ring couldn’t be dainty.  It had to have a bold richness that still felt timeless and clean lined.  

She had recently snapped a photo of a chic 90-something’s ring stack that she had spotted in the grocery store.  Our muse had stacked her finger high with yellow gold, anchoring her stack with an organic looking bezel set emerald cut diamond.  My client didn't think we could get that same chunky look with her round diamond, but I knew we could with a more cushiony bezel!  

yellow gold stack chunky rings

Working with my expert goldsmith, I set to work creating our own organic looking bezel.  We handmade the bezel and gave it a cushiony shape so that it wouldn’t feel too modern.  Using the clients’ original 18kt gold, we added just a bit more metal to allow for the chunky bezel and wide gold band. I just love how it turned out, as photographed below by Dola Photography.

chunky yellow gold bezel engagement ring

I love delivering beautiful things - especially when the client is so happy she hugs me.  I know this pretty little thing is going to wear beautifully over time!

Lauren Priori is a private jeweler in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia, PA.  Her jewelry store is a private office, where she meets with clients looking for custom diamond engagement rings and antique and estate fine jewelry in Philadelphia.  To start working on your engagement ring, push present, or jewelry redesign, email