rose gold diamond rope engagement ring

Custom Rose Gold Oval Diamond Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Jewelry Designer

Is it me, or are all rose gold oval diamond engagement rings total perfection?  I just love the feminine and unique vibe of this special combination.

rose gold oval diamond engagement ring

When this Philadelphia area groom-to-be contacted me about creating an engagement ring, I was so excited to start working with him.  He shared several photos from my instagram that she had sent him over the last few months.  I noticed a few patterns:  lots of texture, solitaire settings, delicate simplicity, and oval diamonds.  Ladies, take note!  Your other half wants to know what kind of rings you love.  It can make the process so much more smooth if you’ve had a conversation about what styles you do and don’t love.  

We looked at several diamonds and selected one fairly quickly.  I’m often asked how long the diamond selection process usually takes.  The truth is that it completely depends on the client’s shopping personality!  Do you research a new pair of boots online for months before making a decision, or do you purchase the first decent pair you see at Nordstrom?  You’ll probably shop for diamonds similarly - and there’s nothing wrong with that!  Sometimes it takes a second viewing appointment to really feel confident in your decision.

rose gold diamond engagement ring side view

Once we had the stone selected, we talked about the setting.  Since she’s a nurse practitioner, he wanted the ring to be sturdy and not sit too high. We selected a delicate 4 prong rose gold solitaire engagement ring setting.  We kept the band textured with a thin braided pattern to make the center stone really pop.  With no cathedral, the perfectly proportioned diamond is really the main event.  I absolutely love how light and airy this setting looks from the side.  There’s nothing like a clean side view of a diamond with great clarity!

In December, he asked and she said yes!  I loved being part of this custom engagement ring love story.

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Lauren Priori is a private jeweler in the Rittenhouse Square area of Philadelphia, PA.  Her jewelry store is a private office, where she meets with clients looking for custom diamond engagement rings and antique and estate fine jewelry in Philadelphia.  To start working on your engagement ring, push present, or jewelry redesign, email

All photos in this post courtesy of Alison Dunn Photography.