Why You Need an Antique Engagement Ring

Why You Need an Antique Engagement Ring

Not only does antique jewelry come with a story, but it is also a fabulous value and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re in possession of your grandmother's antique Old European Cut diamond or you're looking for a one of a kind unique engagement ring, an antique ring might be the best option for you! 

Old European Cut Rose Cut Antique Victorian Yellow Gold Halo Engagement Ring

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Aging Gracefully

Gold and diamonds age beautifully, especially when they are of fine handcrafted quality. There's something special about the patina of antique gold.  It shows a softness that only comes with time.  Because of diamonds' extraordinary hardness, they can go decades without so much as a chip.  A diamond's properties also ensure that its color is stable over centuries.  

Emerald Art Deco Unique Antique Engagement Ring

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Incredible Value

Antique and estate engagement rings present an incredible value. In general, you can expect to spend 30% less on an antique engagement ring than its contemporary counterpart.  Colored stones and large Old European Cut diamonds in particular present great values.  Because there is no expensive ad campaign or new manufacturing costs built into the prices, estate and antique jewelry can be sold at much more affordable prices.

Two Stone Platinum Twin Ring Art Deco Moi Et Toi Engagement Ring

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Eco-Friendly Engagement Rings

When you purchase an antique engagement ring or an estate diamond, that means that no new gold or diamonds need to be mined.  Diamond mining can be harsh on the earth, leaving large craters in the earth - not to mention the resources used to reach the remote areas where diamonds are found!  Moreover, antique jewelry creates very little waste and water usage necessary to create new pieces.  If you're looking for an ethical engagement ring, the choice is clear - go for an antique engagement ring!

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