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Custom Antique Style 3 Stone Engagement Ring - Philadelphia Jewelry Designer

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I love redesigning engagement rings - and this beauty was no exception!  Beth came to me after her center stone fell out of her engagement ring.  Luckily she found it in the carpet, but she knew she wanted to upgrade to a custom engagement ring setting.  With her daughter's wedding in 6 weeks, she was ready to create a new engagement ring.  I'm so happy that she trusted me to create a beautiful new family heirloom!

Three stone diamond engagement ring

Beth's original engagement ring was a yellow gold solitaire.  Her style is unfussy and confident, and she wanted something simple that she could comfortably wear every day.  She had a diamond necklace her husband had bought her years ago that she didn't wear.  Could we use some of those stones to create a three stone ring?  Absolutely!

To keep things classic, my initial thought was to make an airy but sturdy platinum and yellow gold three stone ring.  Beth's watch is two tone, and she liked the idea of a versatile setting.  I rendered a few versions for her and let her mull it over.

Three stone diamond engagement ring fishtail prongs

While she initially loved the simplicity of a classic three stone engagement ring, Beth did some pinterest-ing and realized that she loved antique details like fishtail prongs and milgrain beading.  I kept some of the details from the original 3D CAD jewelry rendering - like the wide domed band and two tone metals - and added the updates.

Two Tone Three Stone Antique Diamond Engagement Ring

I love how the final ring turned out.  The fishtail prongs give the stone a squarish look and make for a very sturdy diamond setting.  The side stones were each set into a platinum box edged in milgrain beading details.  We kept the side view simple, unfussy, and low maintenance.  The best part?  Beth is in love with her new ring and it was finished two weeks before her daughter's big day.

Three Stone Custom Engagement Ring Fishtail Prongs

Are you ready to redesign your engagement ring?  L. Priori Jewelry is a private jeweler in Philadelphia.  We specialize in custom engagement rings and fine and antique jewelry.  We blend the best of CAD/CAM jewelry technology with old-world diamond setting techniques to create heirloom quality fine jewelry.

All photos by Brittani Elizabeth Photography.