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When this couple from Connecticut found me on Instagram and came to me with their minds set on using this gorgeous antique diamond, I was over the moon. There is just something so special about giving an antique diamond its second life. Using this amazing stone, we created the bride-to-be's dream Art Deco inspired ring!

One of my favorite parts about this ring are the details. We decided to set the center stone so that it would appear to have a more square look. This way there would also be plenty of focus on the amazing fishtail prongs. Fishtail prongs also enhance the square shape of the center stone. They hug the ring perfectly to give it that antique sparkle that the client wanted to emulate. The center diamond has natural soft grey tones, so I ensured that when I chose the side stones, they matched the center stone perfectly along with the platinum band. 

Another to-die-for detail that this ring has is its amazing side view. This ring is shining from every angle! We chose to raise the stones, so that the wedding band would fit right up against the ring to create a polished and cohesive look.

The ring couldn't have turned out better, and I loved helping this couple turn this antique diamond into a ring with so much detail and sparkle! 

Are you ready to redesign your engagement ring? L. Priori Jewelry is a private jeweler in Philadelphia.  We specialize in custom engagement rings and fine and antique jewelry. We blend the best of CAD/CAM jewelry technology with old-world diamond setting techniques to create heirloom quality fine jewelry.