Custom Green Sapphire Oval Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Proposal Story

One of the most exciting parts of my job is when a client comes to me with a completely unique idea, and I get to help them bring it to life!

This couple of ten years came to me with the idea of using a unique gem stone and I was ready to help them find the right fit. After sourcing several different gems, the couple came in to see which look was right for them. They eventually decided on this gorgeous green sapphire stone. Sapphire stones have a darker, more intense color which can be a great alternative for someone who doesn't want a traditional diamond. 

My client's girlfriend knew she wanted a more dainty and delicate look . We used a wax review to get a better feel for scale and size, and decided on an oval shaped center stone with 1.50 millimeter side diamond, and a 1.50 millimeter band. This gave the ring an elegant and classic look just as the couple pictured.

The band and side stones were created using recycled diamonds and gold, which is another unique step to the custom ring creation process. 

The ring setting is set east to west. This means that the ring is placed horizontally on the band. Since the couple was going for a unique look, choosing this setting was a good move so that they would have plenty of room to personalize. The ring will be stacked with a mix of heirloom and custom made wedding bands that will tie it all together beautifully. 

I was so happy with the way the ring turned out, and thrilled that I was able to help this wonderful couple make their vision a reality!

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