2019 Engagement Ring Trends | Philadelphia Jeweler Breaks Down Engagement Ring Trends

2019 Engagement Ring Trends | Philadelphia Jeweler Breaks Down Engagement Ring Trends

2019 is here, which means it's time to talk engagement ring trends for all the love birds planning to get engaged this year! Whether you are thinking about a custom ring or one of our ready-to-buy rings we have the latest and greatest rings that are the perfect mix of classic and trendy!


First up on the 2019 trend list: North, South, East, West set rings. I have seen this trend become more and more popular over the past year and I must say I love it! For all of you oval diamond lovers this trend is for you. You can still have your classic diamond engagement ring but we will arrange the prongs in a NSEW pattern. I love the twist this puts on your typical diamond engagement ring. 

Hidden Halos

If you are a total diamond lover but like to keep it more low profile, this hidden halo trend may be for you! We took the custom oval diamond prong set ring in the above photo and put a delicate halo just above the setting. I love the look of a hidden halo it adds something extra and is perfect if a normal halo is too flashy for your taste. I also love the idea of hidden stones in general, I have included birthstones and other gemstones in hidden areas on a ring! It really adds something special to your forever ring.


Geometric inspired engagement rings have become super popular. I find that many of my clients don't necessarily want your typical traditional engagement ring anymore! I'm a lover of both traditional and non-traditional rings, but I must say I have made some amazing non-traditional rings like the hexagon shaped gray diamond ring above. I love geometric inspired rings because they are so unique! If you want something out of the ordinary that your typical gal won't have go for a geometric shaped ring.

Oval and Round Diamonds

Oval and round diamond engagement rings are a trend that will just never go out of style! Classic and timeless, if you go with a style like this your ring will always be a staple trendy piece. There are so many way you can mix up a round or oval ring, add a halo, diamonds on the band, prongs, etc. The ring above has a gorgeous Old European Cut diamond that really makes the ring unique. You can't go wrong with an oval or round stone!


If you're really not a diamond kind of girl, a gemstone engagement ring may be the perfect fit for you! From sapphires, to morganite, to pink spinels, there are so many types of gemstones to choose from. I personally love a blue sapphire engagement ring and I have made quite a few of them. You can still include diamonds on the band or in a halo and you will still be able to tell that it's an engagement ring. Gemstone engagement rings are so much fun to make because we can really take the design anywhere!

If you're looking to get engaged this year, lets make your design come to life! Email hello@lpriorijewelry.com to inquire about the custom process and set up an appointment. Let's make the engagement ring of your dreams!