Maria Portfolio Zip Case

Protect your jewels while you're on the go!

This zip case by Wolf is the perfect size for the gal on the go - slim enough to tuck away in your carry-on or overnight bag but still offers a lot of storage for all your jewelry options. The dimensions of this case are 8.75" L X 5.25" W X 1.25" H. This cute case comes in navy blue or white and has a cushioned ring tube, necklace separators, a section for studs and other earrings, and a couple of zipper pockets for other misc. pieces or knick knacks. The case also has the anti-tarnish lining to keep your jewels as good as new.

  • Available in navy blue or white
  • Dimensions 8.75" L X 5.25" W X 1.25" H
  • Zip travel case
  • Anti-tarnish lining