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Jewelry Repairs

Learn more below about our repair services - offered to new and existing clients.

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Life Happens

And accidents happen! That's where we come in. Our in-house goldsmiths are here to help with any repair services, from tightening prongs to ring resizing.

Ring Resize

You wear your ring everyday, it's important that it fits right! Sizing can be tricky to get right on the first go-around, we're here to help size your ring so it fits just right.

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Prong Check

We recommend getting your prongs checked every 6 months to 1 year. If you hear rattling or something feels loose, contact us right away.

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Keep your jewelry shining bright. We recommend giving your ring an at-home clean once a week. For a deeper clean, pop into your nearest LP location.

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Major Repairs

For more major repairs - say, you got your fingers stuck in a door (ouch). We're here to help. This is also where we note the importance of insuring your ring!

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Other Repairs

We give other jewelry some love too. Let us help with broken necklace chains, replacing clasps, removing bracelet links, polishing, and more!

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