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L. Priori provides you with a different kind of jewelry experience. Whether designing the engagement ring of your dreams, redesigning an heirloom piece you inherited, or creating a special piece that captures a moment in time, our design team works with you to craft a uniquely meaningful piece of jewelry. A one-of-a-kind piece that celebrates you. And only you. And one day, that jewelry will become an heirloom to your future generations.

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Prior to being hand-set into your engagement ring, we’ll review every detail of your diamond with you, to ensure you’re getting the highest quality and most sustainable options available.

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Lauren Priori is the owner of L. Priori Jewelry in Philadelphia, PA. Since she was young, she's been dedicated to the craft of custom jewelry - even selling bespoke friendship bracelets on the middle school playground.

After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School of Business, Lauren eschewed the world of finance and consulting to pursue her love of fine jewelry. She enrolled at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and spent a year grading diamonds, identifying gemstones, and learning the craft and science of jewelry design and manufacturing.

A GIA graduate gemologist, Lauren's work experience spans the sales floor of Tiffany & Co., to the back offices of a diamond auction house, to the fast-paced deal-making environment of Jewelers' Row. Although she loved the experiences of working for other people, she felt that women should be more empowered and seen within the jewelry industry. Thus, L. Priori Jewelry was born.

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