Top Trends From the Tucson Gem Show

Top Trends From the Tucson Gem Show

Attending the Tucson Gem Show was so exciting! I got my hands on some amazing gems and I am ready to start making some beautiful new pieces. While I was there I put together a list of the top trends in the world of jewelry right now. Here is a list of what to look out for this year. 

Stones Sourced in the US

One thing that I was so happy to see more of were locally sourced gems. I make it a priority to try and use gems that are locally found and are mined without harming our planet. Some of the most popular locally sourced stones are Montana Sapphires and Oregon Sun Stones, both gems are gorgeous and could be a nice way to keep up with jewelry trends. In some cases I was even able to meet the miners themselves. Since the gems are locally sourced, the miners also have great relationships with the cutters and it makes for an overall more enjoyable process when purchasing gems. 

Spinel Gems

Spinel gem stones are a harder stone great for everyday wear. They are extremely durable, and are a great way to get a clear and beautiful stone for an affordable priece. Spinel stones are gaining more popularity, but not everyone knows about these gems yet so a nice spinel stone can be bought at a very affordable price. The stones come in a variety of stunning colors like pinks, purples, and dark gray. A spinel stone can be an affordable and trendy way to create a unique engagement ring.

Elongated Shapes 

Elongated shaped stones are perfect for someone who wants a modern and classy engagement ring. Elongated stones come in a variety of different shapes and settings. I personally love a pear or oval shaped stone on an engagement ring. An elongated stone will make your fingers appear longer and slim and flatters the hand very well.

Natural Diamonds 

Whether gray, black or brown natural diamonds are a trend that you don't want to miss. Natural diamonds are still hard and great for day to day wear, but they have this amazing sparkle that give them an extra pop of glamour. These diamonds are definitely becoming a lot more popular, especially for someone who wants a unique and trendy piece. There is so much that can be done with natural diamonds, and they are definitely becoming a more popular way to create an engagement ring or even just a statement piece.

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