The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Jewelry For Each Milestone Year! | Philadelphia Jeweler Has Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The Perfect Wedding Anniversary Jewelry For Each Milestone Year! | Philadelphia Jeweler Has Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Jewelry is sentimental, everlasting, and a perfect way to celebrate every wedding anniversary. Aside from the popular silver anniversary and gold anniversary to mark the big milestones of 25 and 50 years of marriage, each year has its own unique gemstone or metal attached to it as well which makes gifting for anniversaries so fun and easy to customize!

Here are some unique ideas on how to celebrate your special date for the major milestones:

1st Anniversary: Gold

yellow gold leaf band stack ring available in 14k yellow white or rose gold

For the first anniversary you share with your partner, it’s okay to keep it simple. After all, starting a new life together may not leave a lot of disposable income. Try something timeless such as a simple gold bracelet or a classic gold ring like the Ashlyn band pictured above!

5th Anniversary: Sapphire

oval shaped blue sapphire and diamond right hand ring with a 14k yellow gold braided band

When you think of a sapphire, most people think of a classic deep blue stone but there is a whole rainbow range of colors to choose from! Choose from warm orange and yellows to cool purple and blues to best suit your aesthetics and personality. Our Trixie ring is a gorgeous light blue sapphire that has a beautiful white diamond halo. 

10th Anniversary: Diamond

heirloom redesign three stone diamond ring with a matching white gold and diamond eternity band

10 years of marriage is an important milestone to celebrate! It’s the perfect opportunity to add an extra bit of sparkle to your engagement ring and wedding band. Try something custom to create a perfect match to highlight your pre-existing rings.

15th Anniversary: Ruby

What better way to celebrate your everlasting love than with an intense fiery red stone such as the ruby. Known for their intense glow, this stone is the most valuable of the corundum minerals- including sapphires. Rubies, like diamonds and sapphires are strong durable gems that would be perfect in any jewelry pieces ranging from bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings.

20th Anniversary: Emerald

A beautiful lush green emerald that is meant to represent new spring growth is a perfect stone to gift your loved one to celebrate 20 years of marriage. Emerald stones have a clear depth of color that very few gems possess making this a rare gem perfect for a one of a kind piece. Try a custom design catered to make a sentimental piece.

25th Anniversary: Silver Jubilee

The silver jubilee is time to celebrate a big milestone and splurge! For this anniversary you don’t need to limit yourself to jewelry- broaden your horizons to home accents if you please. And on the topic of limitless possibilities, embrace silver as a color and treat yourself and your loved one to white gold or platinum gifts.

50th Anniversary: Golden Jubilee

By the 50th anniversary, chances are your original wedding bands can use a little revamping. Celebrate your 50th by creating new wedding bands for each other that will carry you into 50 more blissful years of marriage while preserving the original bands for the next generation.

We can make any of these jewelry gift ideas come to life! Email to get started on your custom anniversary gift or shop our entire collection online here

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