Ring Story - Megan & Emily's Emerald and Asscher Cut Custom Engagement Rings

Ring Story - Megan & Emily's Emerald and Asscher Cut Custom Engagement Rings

The only thing better than one diamond ring is two perfectly complementary diamond rings. 


Megan and Emily's love story began nearly ten years ago.  Their relationship quickly went from roommates, to best friends, to inseparable partners.  When you spend time with them, you're in awe of how perfectly these two complement one another.

After 7 years and one beautiful new home purchased together, these two knew they would be spending the rest of their life together.  Choosing a ring was more than just a formality, though.  Megan wanted every little detail of their rings to be completely perfect.


emerald cut engagement ring mrs box


Part 1 - Emily's Ring 


Megan and Emily had tried rings on in the past.  They both loved antique engagement rings, but always gravitated toward clean lines showcasing a stunning center stone.  Emily loves the classic elegance of emerald cuts.  


I called in several emerald cut diamonds for Megan to review.  Some were too squarish, some too long, but a few had just the right proportions.  From there, I guided her on balancing the four Cs to maximize her budget.  Diamonds are so personal - some people value whiteness, while others prefer to maximize size and sacrifice a bit on color or clarity.  We decided on the perfect center stone for her custom engagement ring and started plotting the setting.


Megan wanted to set Emily's ring in a simple emerald cut platinum solitaire.  She showed me dozens of examples of the preferred band taper, prong shape, and where the basket would meet the shank.  When I picked the finished custom engagement ring up from the diamond setter, I knew we had nailed it.


asscher cut three stone engagement ring

Part 2 - Megan's Ring


Emily said yes while the two were on vacation on Block Island, RI.  Now it was time to plan Megan's ring!


Megan also loves emerald cut diamond, but she didn't want her custom engagement ring to be a carbon copy of Emily's.  We toyed with the idea of adding baguettes to an emerald cut diamond, but ultimately decided to go with an Asscher cut.  A squared step cut, Asschers have all the elegance and grace of an emerald cut.  They also have a distinctly 1920s Art Deco vibe with their clean lines and sleek geometry.


But how to set the Asscher cut diamond?  A solitaire seemed too simple, but none of the baguettes we found seemed quite right.  Matching the color in side stones is incredibly important - too white and the center stone will look yellow; too yellow and they'll look "off".  Finally, I found the perfect pair of bullet shaped diamonds.  Perfect shape, perfect color.  Like a baguette but with a pointed end, bullets are the perfect complement to almost any center stone.  


We set Megan's three hand picked diamonds in a custom made platinum mounting.  Every time I see it in person, it makes me so happy.


lgbt wedding  


I love these two rings almost as much as I love these two women.  The emerald and Asscher cuts perfectly complement one another, neither one overpowering the other.  Is there anything more symbolic of a great love?



All photos courtesy of Sarah McKay Photography