Redesign Your Old Jewelry into an Updated and Modern Piece | Heirloom Redesign

Redesign Your Old Jewelry into an Updated and Modern Piece | Heirloom Redesign

Do you have old jewelry sitting around, but you just don't know what to do with it? Or do you have a stunning family heirloom that you need updated into something modern that you would actually wear? We have got you covered! At L. Priori Jewelry one of our specialties is heirloom redesign. There is nothing more exciting then taking old stones and recreating them into a gorgeous new piece that you'll never want to take off!

Stunning heirloom redesign. Pear shaped diamond set east to west on a rose gold braided band

One recent redesign projects we worked on was this stunning pear shape diamond ring. Our client inherited family heirlooms from her mother. She wanted to use the stones to design a wearable right hand ring that would go well with her everyday look. We took the pear shaped diamond and set it east west on a beautiful rose gold braided band. The braided band gives the ring a modern and trendy look, and by setting the diamond east west this makes the ring look like it's not an . I was so happy with how the ring turned out and it was so rewarding to redesign jewelry so close to K's heart. 

Modern right hand ring jewelry redesign. Created with two diamond studs, rose gold and black diamonds.

The beautiful modern ring pictured above, was created using two diamond studs that B brought L when they first started dating. L loved the studs but wanted to redesign them into a chic new piece that she can wear on her right hand. She was there with me every step of the design process and chose to incorporate rose gold and black diamond halos to really give the ring a trendy look. 

Custom engagement ring created with heirloom sapphires.

One of my favorite things is when clients come to me ready to design their custom engagement ring using heirloom jewels. C designed his love T this custom engagement ring using her heirloom sapphire gems. We sourced the center diamond and found the perfect way to incorporate all of the stones to create a modern, yet delicate ring that will never go out of style. I had got so much joy out of not only helping this couple design their engagement ring, but also incorporating heirloom stones. 

Whether you are looking to redesign an engagement ring, or just an everyday piece of jewelry I am ready to help you create your dream piece! Start by booking an appointment and from there we can begin the heirloom/jewelry redesign process. I'm looking forward to creating something amazing with you!

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