LP's Local Gems - Everlaser

LP's Local Gems - Everlaser

Take a look into our newest local find! Everlaser is a custom engraving and laser cutting service that custom-makes all their signs right here in Philadelphia.

I love stumbling upon new Philadelphia finds! Everlaser is a custom engraving and laser cutting service that has already skyrocketed in the short amount of time it's been around. This work of art is something special. Congrats Lexi! 

LP: What was your inspiration for starting Ever Laser? 
My wedding was my first laser project. I knew that I wanted custom rubber stamps so I could make our hand-stamped and bound winter wedding invitations. Once we had a vision, there was no going back!
I signed up to take classes at my local makerspace to learn how to use the machinery, self taught myself Adobe Illustrator, and got to work- I didn't know I'd be registering for an LLC a few months later!  

What's your favorite thing about Everlaser?
My favorite thing is working with customers to create custom pieces that fit their needs perfectly. Whether it's using various laser techniques to replicate their monogram, or simply making the stands on table numbers longer to work with their particular centerpieces- the possibilities for customization are endless. I think laser cutting is so popular right now because people usually know exactly what they want. This process makes that possible. 

What's your favorite thing that you make?
That's so hard to decide! I really enjoy making logo signs because they're always a fun challenge. Every logo is so different that it can be like solving a puzzle to find the best combination of techniques to turn a digital file into a tangible object.
I'm currently working on a line of wall art for kids. It hasn't been released yet, but I can't wait! I'd have to say that some of those items are my favorite so far and I can't wait to show them to you!

What is the process of creating your laser images? 
Sometimes, projects start with a pen and paper. I'll hand letter text or illustrate something before I turn it into a digital file. Other times, laser files are prepped entirely on the computer! 

What's your favorite thing about Philadelphia? 
I love that we have so much history, but we're also modern, hip and a great place for young people to live. We take our art, beer and food very seriously! I've read that we have the most public art of any US city which I think says a lot about us. 

What are your favorite local gems? 
My favorite place to go during the summer is Spruce Street Harbor Park! An outdoor family-friendly bar literally on the river, surrounded by LEDs and hammocks- what more could you want?! It's seriously magical over there and it's only a short walk from my house, which is a major perk. 

What's next for Everlaser? Where do you see the business five years down the road? 
In the next few weeks, we'll be launching our online shop. It is going to be a big change from how we operate now. Currently, I take all custom orders through email but, soon, our customer favorites will be just a click away!
In five years, I hope to have a bigger office, more machines, and more assistants! I've been enjoying the process of growing this company and I intend to keep going as far as I can.

I love making stuff for people!