LP's Local Gems - Arterial Agents

LP's Local Gems - Arterial Agents

It's no secret that I love Arterial Agents' coffee.  A haven on Jewelers' Row, owner Nick DeJulius serves fine coffee along with a curated collection of food and magazines.  I chatted with AA owner Nick DeJulius abut the future of retail and why he loves Philly.

It's no secret that I love Arterial Agents' coffee.  Jewelers' Row is a coffee shop desert, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon Nick DeJulius' new venture.  Nick's space has only been open since May, but it's already curated to perfection.  Welcome to the Row, Nick!


LP:  How did you decide to open Arterial Agents?

ND:  We loved the idea of a mixed use space, which we believe is the future of retail. My business partner and I come from food and beverage/hospitality backgrounds. The original idea had event space and casual work space, in addition to the coffee bar and retail, but was cut when we decided to edit the concept to focus on what we knew we could program. A smaller space has it's benefits and challenges.

What's your favorite thing in the shop?

Too many to choose, but I'm especially proud to be the only Pennsylvania stockist of Grand Circus magazine, which documents the Detriot arts & culture scene. It's beautifully shot and composed, and was co-founded by my buddy Alex Trajkovski. We worked together a few years ago at a lobby espresso bar in a super cool NYC boutique hotel. I love supporting other entrepreneurs. 


What's your favorite coffee drink?

I'm partial to a hot cafe au lait, composed of drip coffee and steamed milk. I drink multiple small cups a day, along with constantly tasting everything each morning and afternoon with the baristas.

How did you choose your coffee supplier?

I was exposed to Ceremony while hosting at a restaurant here in Philadelphia, where it was served during dinner service. I was impressed by the quality of the product and service/support they offered. We also wanted to choose a roaster relatively new to the Philadelphia scene to better differentiate ourselves and also to show that Philly is a market that can attract outside investment.

What makes you different than other small coffee shops?

I believe the combination of coffee and retail makes us unique, along with the fact that we do not offer seating. It's a place to enjoy a quality cup, browse the grocery retail or pick up your favorite independent magazine. This city is amazing, and we want people to explore the streets with a cup in hand. Additionally, since we're coming from hospitality and not coffee backgrounds, we genuinely love interacting with our customers and learning their likes and habits.


What do you love about living and working in Philadelphia?

So much. The ability to walk everywhere. The restaurants, museums, parks, architecture, and especially the people. It's a city that's constantly changing and evolving, and we're excited to be a part of that process.

What are your favorite local gems?

  • CULTURE: Reading Terminal Market is a national treasure. My #1 tourist recommendation.  The Barnes Museum. Fully support the downtown move. Sorry, not sorry.  Schuylkill River Trail, thought it needs better lighting, landscape, food & beverage, and programming. I know changes are coming.
  • FOOD + BOOZE: High Street on Market. Zahav. Serpico. Cheu Noodle Bar. Franky Bradley's. Good King Tavern. Sidecar. Sabrina's (Italian Market). Parc.
  • COFFEE: Ox Coffee. La Colombe (City Hall & Fishtown).
  • SHOPPING: Ps&Qs. Totem. 

What's next for Arterial Agents?

Focusing on shoring up and fine tuning the Jeweler's Row shop. Adding new products. Launching our ecommerce site. Supporting and developing our amazing staff.


Thanks for chatting, Nick!  See you soon.