• Introducing the New Bridal Jewelry Line - L. Priori x Trousseau Style!

October 30, 2016

You accepted your engagement ring the moment the word “Yes!” left your lips, and you’ve selected the wedding band to accompany it for as long as you both shall live. But now it’s time to pick out the bridal jewelry that will complete your look on your big, special day. Your bridesmaids also need accents to match their dresses. Where do you start?

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You can begin by browsing through our new line of bridal jewelry, L. Priori x Trousseau Style! I am super excited to announce the launch of my new jewelry collection, produced in collaboration with Lauren Hartman from Trousseau Style. As a private jeweler in Philadelphia, I work with clients one-on-one to design the ultimate custom engagement ring that perfectly complements their loved one’s personal style.

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How the Idea Began

One day, when Lauren Hartman and I were chatting about our love for jewelry and style, we both realized that the market lacked bridal jewelry pieces that were heirloom-worthy. How many brides and bridesmaids still actually wore the jewelry after the wedding was over? And if they did, did the jewelry pieces last? That became the inspiration that fueled L. Priori x Trousseau Style.


Heirloom Quality Jewels

Using our knowledge and background in the bridal industry, we both joined forces to design and produce alluring necklaces, bracelets, and earrings that could be passed down from generation to generation. The pieces are constructed of pearls, diamonds, and yellow gold, and are all delicately crafted with the utmost precision. They are also versatile enough to accommodate any look - whether it's classic, modern, or regal.


L. Priori x Trousseau Style was introduced at the Fall in Love Bridal Showcase on October 23, which was held right here at the L. Priori Jewelry studio in Rittenhouse Square. Lauren Hartman and I are extremely excited to present this new line of high-quality, opulent bridal jewelry and we look forward to debuting more designs, which are underway.


For more details about L. Priori x Trousseau Style, contact me today! If you’re interested in viewing my designs for engagement rings in Philadelphia, book an appointment with me - I’d love to help you get started on customizing your sparkler!

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All photos by Brittani Elizabeth Photography.

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