• How to Keep Your Engagement Ring and Wedding Bands Clean | Jeweler in Philadelphia Gives Tips on how to keep jewelry clean

August 10, 2018

Your engagement ring and wedding bands are some of your most prized possessions! The last thing you want is to mistreat them, and probably not even know that you're doing so. Cleaning your rings should be apart of your weekly routine, so we have put together an easy to follow list of instructions on how to keep your ring shiny and new (and a list of what you definitely should not be doing!). 

What You Should Be Doing:

  • Clean your ring once a week.
  • Soak for 5-10 minutes in warm water and brush gently with a toothbrush.
  • You can mix the warm water with a little bit of dish soap for a more thorough cleaning. Mix the warm water and soap together and brush with the toothbrush. After cleaning run your ring under warm water for a few seconds. 
  • Get your ring professionally cleaned at your jeweler. For my brides- I offer a free cleaning every 3-6 months!
  • In addition to cleaning your rings, it's important to have the ring checked every six months or so to ensure that the prongs and stones are in place. 
  • Try keeping your ring in the same place every single day when you take it off! This will give you peace of mind and ensure that your ring is in a safe spot.
What you you shouldn't be doing: 
  • Wearing your jewelry to bed is a no no. Dirt can build up when you wear any type of jewelry to sleep not only your rings.
  • Do not wear your jewelry in the shower or in the pool, harsh chemicals can damage your jewels!
  • If your ring has opals, emeralds, pearls, turquoise, rubies, coral or other porous gems- do not soak them! 
  • Don't wear your jewelry to the gym- that's just asking for trouble.
Although it may seem tedious, caring for your jewelry is so important! If you take proper care now, you won't have to worry about further damage in the future. If something does go wrong, I am here to help. At L. Priori Jewelry we do repairs, re-sizing, and cleaning services for a small fee. Contact hello@lpriroijewelry with any questions you may have!

Are you looking for an antique engagement ring or antique diamond in Philadelphia? L. Priori is a private jeweler located in Center City Philadelphia.  We specialize in antique engagement rings and custom engagement rings.  Email hello@lpriorijewelry.com to start working together.


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