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If you’re beginning the search for an engagement ring, you have probably found yourself bombarded with all sorts of information about diamonds and not all of it is very clear.

In particular, you may be confused about lab grown diamonds - Are they real? Do they look the same? How do they compare in price? Well not to worry, we're here to break it all down for you!

create your custom engagement ring with a lab grown diamond

First, lab grown diamonds are real diamonds. 

A lab grown diamond has the exact same chemical and crystal makeup as a natural diamonds - the only difference is that one is grown in a lab over a few days and one is grown in the earth over millions of years.

Lab grown diamonds can be found with all the same colors and clarities as their natural counterparts, but there are not as many on the market so you may have fewer options to choose from.

Since they are chemically and optically the same as a natural diamond, lab grown diamonds do indeed look just like a natural diamond - it would take laboratory testing to tell them apart.

Lab grown diamonds also tend to be about 30% to 50% less than natural diamonds with the same specifications. There also aren’t any ethical concerns related to their origin.

So is a lab grown diamond the right choice for you?

Right now, the price of lab grown diamonds is continuing to fall. The intrinsic value of natural diamonds is much more stable than that of lab grown diamonds.

Some people love lab grown diamonds regardless of their economic value simply because it is super cool that we can now create diamonds in less than a week! Other people find that they want the intangible ancient quality that comes with a natural diamond that took millions of years to form and make it to the consumer.

If you want a large, high quality diamond for a lower price, a lab grown diamond may be the right choice for you! 

create your custom engagement ring with a lab grown diamond

At L. Priori we are really excited to be able to offer our customers lab grown diamonds that are 100% US grown and cut as well as lab grown stones from all over the world.

If you are interested in using a lab grown diamond, please let us know in your appointment booking! Email us to get started on your custom ring.
Lauren Priori
Lauren Priori

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