Custom Morganite Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Private Jeweler | Unique Engagement Ring Story

Custom Morganite Engagement Ring | Philadelphia Private Jeweler | Unique Engagement Ring Story

I love creating unique and one of a kind engagement rings - especially when I get to feature a pretty pink Morganite gemstone!

morganite diamond halo engagement ring white gold platinum

When Stefano came to me to discuss his fiance-to-be's engagement ring, I couldn't wait to make this ring for him.  He was looking for something clean, classic, with the center stone being the main event.  While his girlfriend didn't know the proposal was coming, she had spoken to her best friend about what she loved in a ring.  Her best friend gave Stefano the scoop - a white metal, a diamond halo, and a pretty pink Morganite at the center of it all.  Take note, ladies!  Make sure your best friend, Mom, or sister has a good idea of what kind of engagement ring you would love.

After going back and forth a bit on the design, Stefano and I settled on a very clean lined ring with classic details.  Once the setting was decided, it was time to select the center stone.  With some colored stones, there can be dozens of shades and variations in tone and saturation.  Morganite is a bit more of a calibrated stone, meaning that its shape and color tends to be more uniform across stones.  I brought in a more salmony toned Morganite and a blush pink Morganite.  Stefano loved the blush pink!

CAD rendering halo diamond custom engagement ring

As soon as I received the setting, I had the Morganite set.  After all, Stefano was on a timeline.  He was hoping to propose with the custom engagement ring on their upcoming trip to Europe.  We finished the custom Morganite engagement ring in time for their trip!  He asked in a field of flowers, and Amanda said YES!

romantic unique proposal field of flowers

It was such a joy to work with Stefano on this ring and to meet Amanda in person when she came in for a sizing a few weeks later.  I wish you two nothing but love and joy in your marriage!

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