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Congrats - you’re going to be Philadelphia bride! You’ve called your friends and family and posted a ring selfie on Instagram. Now what?  

1. Size your ring  

Photo by Paperly Studio

Photo by Paperly Studio

Does your feel a little loose? Come see me pronto - an oversized ring is much more likely to get lost or fling off your finger. Same goes if it’s a little snug. We want you wearing that ring forever, starting with today. Sizing a ring takes a few days at most, so you’ll be reunited with your sparkler before you even know it. We work with the best jewelers and goldsmiths in Philadelphia.

2.   Insure your ring

It’s not glamorous, but getting your ring insured is so necessary. Diamonds are hard and good jewelry is durable, but nothing is indestructible. A good insurance plan will cover you in the case of loss, theft, or damage. Jewelers’ Mutual even offers a plan that pays for for preventative repairs like prong retipping.

3.  Make a list

Who do you want at your wedding? Make a list with your fiance - the actual number of guests might be much higher or lower than you expected. This first step helps you figure out a budget and narrow down the list of venues.

4.  Choose your wedding bands

When you’re planning a wedding, so many things depend on another decision. To book a photographer, you need a venue. To book a venue, you need a headcount and a budget. And on and on and on… Luckily, you already have everything you need to pick a wedding band - your engagement ring! Pick your wedding bands early in the process and feel good checking one big thing off your to-do list.

5.  Go on a magazine shopping spree

Philadelphia Wedding and The Knot are two of our all time favorites for a mix of general and local wedding info. Earmark the pages you love and pay attention to the patterns that emerge. Does every photo have lush, wild florals? Or are you drawn to perfectly classic country club weddings?

6.  Get a planner

In today’s Pinterest crazy world, it might not seem like a planner can add much value. The truth is that planners have seen it all - and they’re there to make your day go off without a hitch! What can a planner help with? Steering you away from a flaky florist, ensuring the day-of timeline is executed to precision, making sure your fiance’s very drunk fraternity brother gets home without ruining the night. Call me for my list of the best Philadelphia wedding planners!

7.  Pamper yourself

The next few months are going to be a lot of fun - and a lot of stress. Don’t forget to take time to relax and treat yourself to a massage or yoga class now and then.  


Now go get started!  

Photo by Paperly Studio

Photo by Paperly Studio

Lauren Priori
Lauren Priori

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