• 5 Ways to Know You're Ready to Propose

July 04, 2016

Ever wondered if you're ready to get married? Only you can tell when it's the right time, but here are some indicators that you're well on your way to popping the big question. 

You Enjoy the Ordinary Moments
Being married isn't like going on one long date. The honeymoon will come and it will end, but finding someone who makes sitting on a couch in silence enjoyable, is someone you should think about keeping around. Forever. When you have this feeling, it means that you're completely comfortable with the other person. Lock that down! 

photo by Mariya Stecklar

photo by Mariya Stecklar

You're Best Friends
Having your best friend and significant other as the same person makes life great. You know that you can always turn to them for a laugh, a hug, a cry or all three at once. They know everything about you and you know everything about them. There's a special bond between two people when they can connect on all levels like this. That bond should never be broken. 

You've Discussed Your Future
Have you talked about plans for the holidays this year? What about plans five years down the road? If you and your significant other can speak naturally and openly about what you both want out of your life together, then that's a sign the both of you think confidently about your relationship. Even if you haven't talked about marriage, wanting to buy a puppy together is a sign that this relationship will be around for a while. 

You Have the Sign of Approval
While family and friends shouldn't dictate your relationship moves, it's always nice to know they're on your side. When your significant other doesn't show up for happy hour or your family's BBQ, do people ask you where they are and genuinely miss their company? If so, you've found someone who has fallen into the good graces of your life.

You Know Your Partner Will Say Yes-For the Right Reasons
Becoming engaged should be a no-brainer for each person involved. You shouldn't propose if you're in a big fight and you just want to make things right. Propose when you're both on the same page and when you both have a clear mind. Spending the rest of your life with someone is a big deal and the moment you decide so is one of the biggest turning points in your relationship. Make it count. 

photo by Mariya Stecklar

photo by Mariya Stecklar

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