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You’re engaged! (Or maybe not, but you’re thinking you might be soon!)
Once the daydream of being someone’s fiancée wears off, which will it ever? It’s time to think about your first task as an engaged couple, your engagement photos!

Here are some tips on how to capture the raw emotion that comes with being in love.

photo by Mariya Stecklair

photo by Mariya Stecklair

1.   First, ask yourself and your partner, do you want engagement photos?

Maybe you had a professional photographer at your proposal or maybe you’re just a laid back couple that neither of you feel the need for them.
If that’s the case, stop reading. Just kidding! Maybe by the end of this article you’ll change your mind.

2.   Think of this photo session as a trial for your wedding.

A lot of people hire their wedding photographer to do their engagement photos. This gives you the chance to connect with the photographer before the big day. The most important thing is that you’re comfortable with who you have documenting these big moments!
If you’re on the fence with different photographers, try and see if you can book a mini session with each of them and then see which photos you like the best. You’ll get a sense of their personality. That way you aren’t regretting who you picked when you’re saying I do.

3.   Who Are You as an Individual and a Couple?

Engagement photos are a time for you and your partner’s personalities to come through. If one of you likes playing the guitar, try and get that into some of the shots. If the beach is your favorite place to go together, take some photos there! This session is all about you. Wear what you want and be who you are.

4.   Search for Image Inspiration.

It’s always easier for the photographer and the photographee when there’s a plan. Look on Pinterest at other engagement shoots and make a pin board of the ones you like. Once you have a storyboard going, send it over to the photographer beforehand, so they have an idea of what you’re looking to go for. That way when picture day comes, everyone’s on the same page.

5.   Talk to your Partner About What You’re Both Comfortable With.

Just because you’re getting engaged doesn’t mean that you all of a sudden agree on everything. Your partner might want super PDA photos and you might want something classier, because they’re being sent to everyone.
Don’t let one person in the relationship dictate how the shoot will go. You both should be able to look back on this moment and be happy with how everything turned out.

photo by Mariya Stecklair

photo by Mariya Stecklair


Lauren Priori
Lauren Priori

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